Complex Aerospace Structures Design and Analysis

Design Capabilities Include:

TGV designs complex structures and mechanisms using Pro/Engineer Wildfire 2.0 CAD applications that include Pro/Intralink for configuration management.

Structural, modal, and dynamic analyses are performed using NASTRAN, Pro/Mechanica, and Pro/E Mechanism Dynamics Option (MDO).

TGV personnel have broad experience working on programs that include DC-X, Thor, Atlas II, III, & V, Delta II, III, & IV, Titan II & IV, Saturn, Skylab, and Spacelab. This proven knowledge base gives TGV Inc. the ability to confidently design and analyze complex aerospace systems. Hydraulics, controls, thermal protection, propulsion, structures, fluids, life support, and ground support equipment are well within the available engineering design capabilities. TGV experience also includes designing manufacturing tools, assembly fixtures, and test hardware for aerospace programs.