Published: 1999 November 8, 6:00 am ET (1100 UT)

New X Prize Competitors Announced: A space race of a different kind may be heating up, as officials with the X Prize announced that two new teams, one American and one Russian, joined the competition November 5. Maryland-based TGV Rockets would use MICHELLE-B, a reusable suborbital vertical takeoff-and-landing rocket to compete for the prize, while the Russian company Cosmopolis 21 plans a rocket-powered vehicle carried aloft by an aircraft. "Historically, it was the race between the U.S. and the Soviet Union which created today's space industry," said X Prize founder and chairman Peter Diamandis. "We hope that the X Prize's 'New Race to Space' will now open space to the general public so the rest of us can travel into space as well." The $10-million prize will go to the first vehicle, capable of carrying three people, that makes two flights to 100 km (62 mi.) in a two-week period.